Kampala School for the Physically Handicapped, Uganda

 The Organizing Committee of the 8th Freemasons' Conference selected the Kampala School for the Physically Handicapped as the charity project to custom build the dormitories and a sick bay for the handicapped children.  The foundation stone was laid by Her Excellency the First Lady of Uganda, Mrs. Janet Museveni, in the presence of the District Grand Master on 22nd September 2006.

The project was completed in July 2010 at a cost of USD150,000.  The dormitories and the sick bay were handed over by the District Grand Master to the Board of Management of KSPH at a ceremony attended by many dignitaries and Freemasons on 31st July 2010. 


Kampala School for the Physically Handicapped


Kanubhai Babla Diani Secondary School Ukunda, Kenya

The 9th Freemasons' Conference Charity Project Committee under the leadership of W Bro Narendra Acharya selected to rehabilitate and extend facilities at the Diani Secondary School  on the South Coast of Mombasa.  This was the only Secondary School serving 30 primary schools and had a capacity of only 360 students.

The District Grand Master accompanied by the Chairman of the Project Committee and other Freemasons laid the foundation stone in September 2008.  The project cost was USD 1 million.

The principal donor is a prominent Kenya philanthropist  Dr. Kanubhai Babla.

Construction work was completed in November 2012 and the school was functional in January 2013.

Dr Kanubhai Babla has donated US$1 Million towards the construction costs. A considerable surplus was realised at completion and this is placed in an endowment fund under the District Grand Charity for maintenance of the buildings.

Three individual lodges came forward with a total pledge of Ksh 1.6 Million for school furniture.

The architectural drawings for the proposed extension of the school were drawn up by Bro Mansur Asaria (at the time District Grand Master - Scottish Constitution) and Bro Steve Ogwapit of the Scottish Constitution.


Kunduchi Health Centre, Dar es Salaam

 The Organizing Committee of the 10th Freemasons' Conference selected Kunduchi Health Centre as its charity project.  Kunduchi is on the outskirts of Dar es Salaam in an area known as "Tegeta".  The  project will be in two phases.  The first phase includes the construction of the Dispensary building and providing necessary equipment and personnel for the Dispensary. The second phase will be to expand it to a Health Centre. Subsequently it is intended to construct residential flats to generate income for long term financial viability of the project. A provision has been made for construction of a first floor at a later stage. The project is estimated to cost USD 1,000,000.   

The District Grand Master laid the foundation stone of the Centre during the 10th Freemasons' Conference in September 2010.

The Grand Secretary, RW Bro Nigel Brown placed a Time Capsule on site during the 12th Freemasons Conference, September 2014.


M P Shah Physiotherapy Centre, Nairobi

 The District Grand Charity in continuing with it’s charitable activities has partnered with the M P Shah Hospital to develop an ultra modern state of the art Physiotherapy Centre within the M P Shah Hospital grounds in Parklands, Nairobi. The District Charity will meet the cost of the Construction and M P Shah will purchase the equipment.

The Project consists of a 500 square metre ground floor site and will consist of a reception and waiting area, 10 treatment cubicles, 2 hydrotherapy pools, a gymnasium / exercise area, physiotherapy equipment shop, a consulting room for doctors and other amenities.

With the latest equipment and highly trained staff, this centre will open up new vistas for the implementation of therapies in Orthopaedics, Neurological disorders, Ergonomics, Bone Bankng, Morbid disorders and relaxation therapies.

The architectural plans have been approved by the Nairobi City County. The funds drive continues successfully. We have received a pledge of Ksh. 2 million or USD 19,500 from District Grand Lodge of East Africa (Scottish Constitution) and Ksh. 1 million or USD 9,500 District Grand Chapter of East Africa (Scottish Constitution). A pledge of Ksh. 500,000 or USD 4800 from Hibernia Lodge (Irish Constitution) has also been received.

The RW District Grand Master has appointed a Project Committee as below:

W Bro Ashok Kumar K Shah - Chairman

W Bro Arun D Shah - Secretary

W Bro Sanjeev Gadhia

W Bro Swaran S Gharial

W Bro Natvarlal G Kantaria, and

W Bro Milan R Shah

Members of the Committee continue to approach Lodges and individual Brethren to solicit for more funds.

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the District Grand Lodge of East Africa and the Social Service League, M P Shah Hospital.