East Africa Masonic Fund

 To all Brethren in the District of East Africa of the English, Scottish and Irish Constiutions and each new Initiate or Joining Member.

The fund was started in 1952 by Freemasons of the English, Scottish and Irish Constitutions for the relief of the aged and / or indigent Freemasons and their Widows and Children. The Fund was Constituted into a Trust in 1961. It is administered by a Management Committee consisting of three Trustees each representing one of the three Constitutions, eight elected members, a Treasurer and Secretary (both elected).

Since 1952, a considerable amount of assistance has been given to a wide range of deserving petitions. It is clear that such assistance will be required in the future and on an increasing scale.

The fund is entirely dependent for its income on the generosity of individual Brethren and their Lodges and Chapters in making contributions to it. This generosity has always been of the highest order for which the management Committee is most grateful. However, it is imperative that this support not only continues but it is increased if the Fund is to keep pace with inflation and give assistance to the increasing number of petitions. A very effective way for you to give support is to become a member and then contribute regularly to the Fund. Thus, a modest level of Membership can steadily grow to that of Grand Patron with virtually no effort on your part.

There are tangible benefits for members which are:

a.  Discount for members and their immediate families. Up to 15% discount from Exeter Friendly Society (for health cover) for members and their families when paying premiums by Direct Debit and paying a modest 'Excess'. This is for International Health Cover. Inquire details of other insurance benefits from the Secretary of the Fund.

b.  Endowed Hospital Bed assistance for IN-Patient expenses of Shs. 1,000* per day; access to our interest free Hospital Fund Loan Scheme and payment of petitions for assistance by District Grant for members and their immediate families.

c.  Above all : The satisfaction of helping those more needy than yourself.

Download the Enrollment and Subscription Form which is self explanatory. You are earnestly requested to become a member and make regular contributions or, if you are already a member, to upgrade your membership by making a contribution.

Please remember Brethren:

Be especially careful to maintain in their fullest splendour those truly Masonic Ornaments which have been amply illustrated, namely Benevolence and Charity.

Thank you for your invaluable support.

VW Bro Jugal K Bhalla, PDDGM - Chairman and Trustee English Constitution

VW Bro Fred Opot - Trustee, Irish Constitution

W Bro Ramesh Shah - Trustee, Scottish Constitution

For East Africa Masonic Fund forms use the link below to go to the Download Section